Misraab came into existence by opening a souvenir shop at Furana Tourist Resort in 1978 with only two employees registered in its pay roll. Misraab was a business proprietorship of Mr. Mohamed Zahir based in the Maldives with its office located in the capital, Male’. Progressively expanding and diversifying since its establishment in 1979 as a business Proprietorship. Misraab was registered as a company in Ministry of Economic Development and Trade under the act 10/96 as Misraab Trading Company Pvt. Ltd. on 5th of September 2005 with equal share for Directors who are all family members of Mr. Mohamed Zahir. All the directors have equal shares in the company.

Misraab currently enjoys a work force of more than 150 with a well-established company structure and streamlined business processes. Relatively for almost 40 years in service, Misraab have been the major importers and distributors of the following items for most of the tourist shops in Maldives:

  • Fashion Clothes & Accessories
  • Souvenirs
  • Handicrafts
  • Diving Equipment
  • Sun Lotions
  • Tourist consumable such as confectioneries

The company aims to provides its customers a broad range of high-quality merchandise at consistently lower prices than they can find elsewhere in the market. We currently pride our self upon being the major market leader by supplying to over 80% of the resorts in the Maldives in addition to holding a 70% share of supply to Airports Duty Free.